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SEVENMETERS is presently an inactive organisation. The crew is working with other exciting happenings. We leave the homepage open, for inspiration and to keep the hope alive! If you are interested in the campaign or want to do an effort to restart the campaign please contact us and we'll talk about it.

Though the COP15-summit failed miserably SevenMeters.net was a huge success. Loads of media wrote about our events and about the climate problems they were made to bring awareness about. There is still a range of balancing act-sculptures placed all around Denmark to remind us of the continuing crisis.


SevenMeters.net is a manifestation that, using red blinking LED-light, is to symbolize that we are going towards a climate catastrophe. And that our politicians (and thus their voters) are not doing enough to meet the threats of Global Warming.

7 Meters is the height with which the water will rise if all the ice in Greenland melts.

24 kilometers of red blinking LED-lights appeared at 7 meters height during UN's climate summit in December 2009 in Copenhagen. It was a visual statement about the enormous consequenses our actions will have in the long run.

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We also encourage you to take action. You can start your own SevenMeter group, integrate the idea and red LED-lights in already existing environment campaigns.

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